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Quebec and Montreal to invest $24 million for immigrant integration

The government of Quebec announced at the end of last week an agreement with the mayor of Montreal to promote initiatives that allow better integration of immigrants.

The province will invest about $12 million in a three-year period, an investment to be matched by the mayor’s office, to have a total of $24 million that will allow the development of numerous projects.

This agreement is the product of the new dynamic between Montreal and Quebec, after the metropolis achieved a special status as a beacon for the province development, to have greater powers.

Thanks to this agreement, the mayor of Montreal and its services (…) They will be able to make Québec’s metropolis even more open and inclusive

, said Mayor Valérie Planta in a statement.

The host strategies will be developed throughout the Montreal population, with the aim of reducing all forms of discrimination and promoting intercultural rapprochement.

Part of this money will support the Mobilisation-Diversité program of the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, which allows supporting social organizations to develop programs and projects that encourage the integration of immigrants and allow society To have a more open and clear view of what cultural diversity represents.

While it may seem ambiguous, this agreement will finance a large number of initiatives, ranging from the promotion of diversity, to direct programmes to increase the representation of minorities in the various domains of Montreal society.
It will also help the projects of the Bureau d’intégration des nouveaux arrivals à Montréal (BINAM), which is responsible for, among other things, projects such as the portal Montréal Nouveau Départ.

We want to promoting the integration, in French, of the immigrants in all the districts (of the city), mainly thanks to the development of innovative projects and to the actions that will be carried out by the community agencies that have experience in The reception and accompaniment of immigrants.

,said Quebec Immigration Minister David Heurtel.

Representatives of the different levels of Government point out that this three-year agreement is necessary, taking into account that each year Montreal receives about 70% of the 50,000 immigrants that are established in Quebec.

While it is difficult to see for the moment what money will be allocated, the vision of the authorities is that it allows to finance any type of program or project, that leaves from any part, from the city Hall to the community agencies that work directly with Immigrants.

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