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5 big cities to live in Canada

The great friendliness of the Canadians, their hospitality and their multiculturalism and tolerance towards others is well-known. And that’s one reason why all visitors come back delighted when they travel to this country, and many choose it to stay.

Which big cities are the most interesting? Let’s see:


It is located in Ontario (ON), halfway between Montreal and Ontario, and is the capital city of Canada, and by size is the fourth largest in the entire country. It is located at the southeastern end of the province of Ontario, and takes its name from the Ottawa River, on the border between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

The city has only one million inhabitants, two if the surroundings are counted.

Ottawa is an English-speaking, ⅓ francophone, is welcoming, with beautiful buildings and landscapes, with charming people, and with an economy and standard of living that makes it a perfect destination to set your new residence.


It is the capital of the province of the same name, to the east of Canada. It is the ninth city by size of the country, and has little more than half a million inhabitants, or more than 750,000 counting metropolitan area. It was founded in 1608, and has a walled enclosure of French style of the XVIIII century.

It conquered instantly the visitor, with a very “European” style in its streets, buildings and character, the closest to a French town among Canadian cities. It is a city that is easily visited walking, and has the interesting attraction that there are many people who speak Spanish.


It is the most populated city in the province of Manitoba, west of Canada. The seventh largest Canadian city, with 650,000 inhabitants in the capital and almost 700,000 inhabitants counting around. It is home to the Canadian Mint that produces for many countries in the world, and most Latin American countries. It is a deeply multicultural city, and we can find thousands of Colombians, Argentines, Salvadorans, Mexicans and Hondurans, among other nationalities.


It is fun to consider that this Canadian city takes its name from London, and is located on the banks of a river called Thames (Thames), and its main market is called Covent Garden as the British city. It is located midway between Toronto, Detroit and Michigan. It is known for the enormous density and variety of wooded parks in the city, so it is called “The Forest City of Canada”. It has only 370,000 inhabitants, with a very young age average, and like some other Canadian cities many of them are Spanish and Portuguese speaking.


Finally Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario, and is the largest city in Canada with 2,600,000 inhabitants, and more than six million if we count the entire metropolitan area. It is also capital, the financial center of Canada, and is the center of a densely populated region. Toronto is a cosmopolitan, global, continuously moving and modern city. It has a minimal criminality, and a high standard of living, which make it a truly excellent destination for living

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