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9 reasons to immigrate to Canada

The 9 reasons to immigrate to Canada:

  • Good primary education system and highly literate population
  • Highly diverse population, which has led to a highly tolerant population
  • Strong legal system and a lot of respect for the law and law enforcement
  • Fairly good social services system, although poverty still exists
  • Fairly good health care system with very few out-of-pocket expenses
  • First rate universities and colleges, which includes the professional schools for law, medicine, dentistry and so forth
  • Solid banking system (there hasn’t been a bank failure since 1983)
  • Specialized financial markets for mature stocks (Toronto), venture stocks (Vancover and Calgary) and derivatives (Montreal).
  • Robust democracy with low campaigning costs (typically about $50 million Canadian at the high end for the major parties for each national election campaign).

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