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Alberta, a great destination to work at

Had you ever heard of Alberta?

Alberta is one of Canada’s ten provinces and noted for its strong and influential economy. The high production of oil and natural gas has made this region a very sought after place for thousands of technicians and professionals who are looking for a better job opportunity or how to live permanently in this country.

More than 70% of Canada’s natural gas and oil is generated in this province, and subsequently a large part of these are exported to the United States. But do not think that Alberta lives exclusively on these two resources; Tourism and finance also play an important role in their economy.

What makes Alberta so attractive to the workers?

Although visa requirements for working in Canada are not easiest, it is fairly straightforward to get a well-paid job only by demonstrating experience. In other countries wage conditions are often lower and it is becoming increasingly necessary to demonstrate technical or professional studies to opt for a moderately acceptable job.
The government offers foreigners the official ‘Red Seal’ certification scheme, which allows them to opt for employment in any province of Canada and, most likely, to obtain permanent residence in less time.

Age is not a problem for work, unless the requirements of the job make a particular age indispensable.
It is a province that promotes small and medium-sized enterprises through its AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program) as well as individual workers. Each year the program receives applications for qualified and semi-skilled immigrants seeking to establish themselves in the province.

The minimum wage in Alberta is one of the highest in Canada, $ 11.20 per hour (2016).
Strategic recruitment in the province is designed to guarantee workers long-term contracts, and multiple categories have been defined to cover positions ranging from land-based to petroleum engineering with international postgraduate degrees.

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