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Most countries today impose stringent rules for traveling in and out of their borders. They want to keep everyone safe and also prevent threats from entering the country. When you plan on flying into the Canadian borders, you may wonder what rules apply to the Canada air travel industry today. You can obey the rules and avoid being detained at customs by researching what officials expect of people who come in and out of the country.

Many people who are unaware of the rules get stopped at customs because of the items they are carrying in their bags or on their persons. This country, like most countries, allows you to bring some items, such as medicines, personal hygiene items, and a very few select pieces of food, into the borders. However, the officials do not permit produce, meat, weapons, illegal drugs, or other harmful things to make their way into the country. If you have these items on you, you will be stopped at customs.

These things will then be seized from you and discarded or destroyed. You also may have to pay a fine. Before you pack, you may find it helpful to check the list of approved wares and things that should be left at home. You will avoid delays at the airport and also save money on fines that you otherwise would have to pay before being released.

Before you are allowed to board, you will have to show proper identification and approved Canada eTA visa travel authorization. In this day and age of terrorism and national security concerns, airport officials want to make sure that you pose no risk to citizens. They will check your ID to make sure you are not on a watch list or have warrants for your arrest. Once you are cleared by security, you can board the plane.

This identification check will also be performed on your children. While children are not necessarily a security risk, officials want to make sure that they are in the rightful custody of a responsible adult. Your children will be expected to have valid passports and identification cards on them when they travel with you.

If you plan on traveling with a medical device like an insulin pump or oxygen canister, you will be required to go through a separate security check unless you alert the airline of your intentions to travel with this equipment. The airline staff cannot seize it from you if you need it to survive. However, they may ask what medications are being used in it and whom to contact on your behalf if the equipment malfunctions and you experience health troubles.

You also are required to alert the airliner to board with a service animal. Service dogs may be required to have the proper paperwork, vest, and harness. These concerns can be addressed before you arrive to the airport by following the directions on the airliner’s website. You might even be allowed to board early for your convenience and safety.

Finally, you are encouraged to be patient as other people board and depart the plane at the airport. Airport staff and security personnel have the duty of keeping everyone safe. Any perceived delays may be in the best interests of people on the ground as well as passengers on the plane. The staff appreciate your consideration as you arrive for your Canadian visit.

Air travel in and out of Canada is fraught with rules that are in the best interest of citizens and visitors alike. You can prepare well in advance by knowing what is expected of you as a tourist or business traveler. You also might learn why it is important to follow the rules and how to avoid delays at customs or the border.

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