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Canada is the American Dream!

Over the past few months more than 1.100 people have crossed the North American border in an irregular way, but for the police force that is watching over security in Canada the situation is still under control.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Those who flee from terrorism and war, Canadians will welcome them

Trump’s immigration plans are still unclear and the situation could become a problem for the Canadian government. If the flow of demand for political asylum continues at this rate, the Canadian government believes that at least 33.000 people will seek political asylum to seek protection in their home countries.

Mexican Julio Velásquez, who is in a host center in Mexico, says he earned $2.000 a month by installing children’s parks in Washington, D.C., before being deported in February for carrying marijuana in his vehicle.

Ana, who left her native Mexico with 14 years, is reluctant to return to the violent state of Michoacán, where she is originally and now dreams of going to Canada.

I want to go to Canada with my passport,

she says.

For the undocumented I believe that (the United States) is over.Now it’s Canada’s time.

“I want to go to Canada with my passport,” he says. “For the undocumented I believe that (the United States) is over.” “Now it’s Canada’s turn.”

After last December the government of Canada removed tourist visas for citizens of Mexico who now can obtain a Canadian Travel Authorization for 5 years and visits of 6 months during validity period , the country’s authorities have reported triple visitors, some of them immigrants who plan to stay, the consulates of Mexico in Canada they are receiving more requests for information.

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