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Canada Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship Week

In many parts of the country, in cities like Toronto, immigrants are the majority, barely residents, but others have already obtained that long-cherished citizenship that many people have changed their lives. That is why it is necessary to join Canadian citizenship Week, as requested by the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Alexander, who invites you to reflect on what it means to be Canadian.

OTTAWA.-In recent years Canada has given citizenship to almost 2 million foreigners from different parts of the world and every year performs more than 2,000 ceremonies of citizenship, that in itself already talks about the importance of immigrants to the country, but to them there is that sum Arle the children and the new generations who will come and be citizens of birth, for a large total of a country full of immigrants, so it is of great importance the celebration of this week in which are held in 5 days around 100 ceremonies of oath in The whole country.

What it means to be a Canadian citizen, his duties, his responsibilities, but also his rights and benefits, are part of the issues that will be studied during this week, will be questioned, criticized, reviewed and highlighted, throughout Canada because Celebrates Canadian citizenship Week, which runs from October 13th to 19th.

It’s an annual opportunity for Canadians to proudly celebrate our citizenship and reflect on what it means to be a Canadian.

This week I invite everyone to reflect on the many rights and freedoms that we enjoy as citizens of this strong, prosperous and diverse country. It highlights our responsibilities as Canadians to our fellow citizens, our communities and our country

,said the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Alexander.

Our story is truly remarkable.” The freedoms we enjoy are because of those who have made great sacrifices to defend the values of our country. As Canadians, we share the fundamental beliefs of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. As Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, I encourage all Canadians to participate in the numerous ceremonies and events taking place throughout the country during Canadian citizenship week,

said the minister who invited all residents in This country to participate with the numeral.

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