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Christmas holidays in Canada

The Christmas holidays are a typical custom in almost all parts of the world, also considered one of the most emotive and expected moments of the year, perhaps because of its traditionalities, its charms, its colour, or simply by the fact of being together in family. The reality is that this is considered the most preferred party, where each country has different characteristics and traditions that make its own party an unforgettable holiday. Canada on the other hand has certain customs that catalog the red Christmas with a very special essence. But how to celebrate a Canadian Christmas?

Previously Christmas was celebrated the 25th day of November in special honor to Saint Catherine, recognized as the patroness of the single women. Being this clear, the ideal excuse for women to dispute one of the singles who were in the room. Then, as is customary and practically already tradition, as a first factor is necessary a “Taffy Pull”, a generous candy or candy which can be stretched considerably. As a second detail and not least important, it is always necessary the final dessert, which must be prepared first of all in advanced not to be forgotten later.

On the other hand, Canadian Christmas is characterized by the classic and conservative Christmas songs, either in English, French or German. One of its most interesting traditions was to hear in the morning the warm Christmas melodies of the city Choir, sometimes also by groups of people at the door of the homes (very traditional in the movies).

It is necessary to prepare Christmas candies, thus giving the touch of sweetness that every holiday must have. At this point we can highlight the most preferred delicious chocolate cupcakes, or iced biscuits made with cocoa and sugar. They will certainly be the perfect entrance before delighting the great feast.

And as a last detail it is essential that every Christmas has its special tonality: the strong red color, so traditional in the Santa costume, as in the Christmas wreaths. In this way our tree must have at least a Christmas pendant that has a red colour, only as a traditional decorative detail. And it is in this way that concludes the traditional Canadian Christmas preparation, only remains to practice and enjoy the good night.

Public life

Christmas Day is a national holiday in Canada. Schools, post offices and many businesses and organizations are closed on Christmas Day. Some shops may be open. Many public transportation services closed or offer a reduced service.

There are many symbols of Christmas. These include images of the child Jesus and the Holy Family in the stable stars, and the Christmas trees. Another important symbol of Christmas is Santa Claus. It is a mythical figure with origins in Europe, especially British, Dutch and German, cultures.

Traditions centered on Christmas gifts in Canada vary greatly among families. In some of them, a mythical character is Santa Claus who brings the presents. He travels in a reindeer-drawn sleigh, enters the hearths through the chimney and leaves gifts and sweets in the stockings hung or under the Christmas tree.

In other families, individual members exchange carefully selected gifts. Popular gifts are toys, games and treats for children and clothing, music, alcohol and items in fact or luxury for adults. Canadians can open their gifts on Christmas Eve after a special mass or during the morning or after eating on Christmas Day.

Some people consume large amounts of food and beverages on Christmas Day. The day can start with a hot breakfast, like ham and eggs or pancakes. Lunch is often a very large meal with a stuffed or marinated turkey, potatoes, a selection of vegetables and cranberry sauce and sauce to give it flavor.

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