When to use eTA – Transit to another country

When to use eTA – Traveling in Transit to another country

Once you have received authorization to travel after the eTA visa process, you may be wondering how and when you will use it on your trip.

The first eTA checkpoint is your airline’s check-in counter, where you will be allowed to board the plane bound for Canada.

Airlines do not receive data from the eTA form, but rather the confirmation of the status of their eTA. This authorization is necessary to issue the boarding pass of your flight to Canada.

We recommend that you print the approval of your eTA.

If your destination is another country but you are going to be in transit in Canada, you need to apply for the eTA and have a valid approval for it.

It is mandatory to apply for a travel authorization through the eTA process even if you only stop in Canada, in transit to another destination.

For example, if you travel from the UK to Mexico via Toronto, you need a valid eTA.

In the eTA form we have included a field that contemplates this situation. Select the “Yes” option in case you are going to be in Canada in transit to another country.
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