eTA Rejection

eTA Rejection

Although we do not have access to the exact reason for rejection, we know from experience that the following circumstances may be reasons eTA refusal:

  • Provide a passport number denounced for loss or theft.
  • Stay in Canada after the time allowed during a previous visit.
  • Prior denial of visa.
  • Perform unauthorized work on a previous visit.
  • Prior denial of entry into Canada.
  • The immigration official is not convinced of the reason for his trip to Canada.
  • Contacts with criminal or terrorist organizations.
  • Criminal Records and convictions.

Our agency is an expert in processing eTA applications and therefore we will contact you immediately if we identify errors or omissions in the application form data before processing. Our desire is to approve the travel authorization, but if it is rejected we will help you apply again.

What happen if I am not allowed to enter Canada?

Despite having an approved eTA, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) official may refuse to admit you to the country if he believes that you do not meet the eligibility criteria for Canada.

In the unlikely event that this happens, the traveler will return to his / her country of origin or to the destination specified on his return flight.

It is very likely that the traveler will return with the same airline that used to come to Canada.

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