Questions about eTA application form

Questions about eTA application form

Some of the safety questions on the eTA form are a bit confusing. We have added information to each of the questions so that you understand them better before selecting the answer.
As always, if you need help you can contact us by email, by the chat enabled or by the form “contact us“.


You must enter your occupation by opening a drop-down menu of different categories. Select the category that best represents your current responsibilities.
You will also be asked to enter your employer’s address, telephone number, and length of time you are working with this employer.

Prior denial of travel authorization

The application form will ask if you have ever been denied entry to Canada.
You must respond honestly: declaring that you have never been denied income when it is not true may lead to the rejection of your application for eTA.

Criminal record

Canadian authorities are very strict with criminal records. If you have ever been arrested even for a misdemeanor you must explain it in detail.
If you have ever been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol you must also state and explain it on the application form.
Failure to file a prior arrest may lead to the rejection of your ETA or prevent you from entering the country when you arrive in Canada.

Health Information

To complete the eTA application you will have to respond if you have had direct contact with any person suffering from tuberculosis and if you are currently receiving medical treatment for an illness.
If you have had direct contact with a person who is suffering from tuberculosis or is currently being treated for a disease, you must state it accurately on the form.
If you do not report the illness and the immigration officer suspects that you have a medical condition, you may be prevented from entering Canada.

Remember that approval of the eTA application does not guarantee entry into Canada. The final admission depends on the immigration officer of the port of entry to Canada, who is the one who finally approves the entry.

When you enter Canada the immigration officer will interview you and you should answer your questions satisfactorily regarding the following topics:

Have economic ties with your native country, such as a job, real estate or other links that guarantee the return to your country after the visit.
Have enough money to pay for your stay in Canada.
To have good health.
Do not have criminal convictions.
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