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Increased the number of Mexican visitors in Canada

One of the reasons why Justin Trudeau’s government eliminated the visa requirement for Mexican citizens was to promote tourism.

The figures revealed this week by the Directorate General of Statistics of Canada (StatCan) show that the number of travelers from Mexico increased almost 35% between 2016 and 2017.

As a reference the federal agency puts the month of October 2016, when they entered the country 23,000 people from Mexico. Twelve months later, in October 2017, this figure increased to 31,000 visitors.

This could be explained, in part, by the elimination of the visa requirement for Mexican citizens, which was a Trudeau promise during the 2015 elections, and which came into force in December 2016.

Instead, Canada imposed the requirement of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), which requires every traveler from a visa-free country (except the United States).

This document is requested over the Internet and has a cost of $55.

The numbers show that Mexico is the sixth origin of travelers to Canada most important (not counting the United States). The UK, China, France, Germany, and Australia are ahead of Mexico as the countries from which the largest number of travelers came.

However, the nations on this list are far from the numbers for the United States. More than two million travelers from the United States entered Canada in October 2017.

This represents four times the number of travelers coming from the rest of the countries, combined.

Brazil, in the 10th place, is the other Latin American country with a great flow of travelers to Canada. In October 2017 more than 13,000 travelers arrived in the country from the South American nation, compared to the 10,000 who entered in October 2016.

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