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canada and mexico

Justin Trudeau visited Mexico

Justin Trudeau goes to Mexico after a pleasant, but at the same time tense stop in the United States of Donald Trump.

The Canadian Prime Minister will travel to the Latin American nation today with the aim of reinforcing the bloc that seeks to save the North American Free Trade agreement.

At the same time, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto launched a call to the unit between Mexico and Canada at times when the differences with the Trump administration seem to grow every day.

Peña Nieto published on Thursday a text in the Globe and Mail newspaper in which he makes an order to maintain the relations between both nations stronger than ever, given the complex global context.

The president starts his text by pointing out that “Canada and Mexico are going through one of the best moments in our relationship,” after 73 years of diplomatic ties and that came to a meeting point to try to strengthen ties.

The Mexican president also remarked that “Until now we have supported ourselves in the moments of need”, talking about the natural tragedies of recent months. In addition, he remarked the economic and cultural ties: “More than 96,000 people of Mexican origin live in Canada and more than 60,000 Canadians live in Mexico.”

He remarked how important it was for Canada to eliminate the visa requirement for Mexican tourists, as well as applauded what was achieved by the temporary agricultural Worker program.

The praises of Peña Nieto serve to frame their goal: Canada and Mexico working together to strengthen the links between the two countries to achieve the goal they share: “Making North America the most prosperous and competitive region in the world”.

“I am convinced that this vital union in relations between Canada and Mexico will translate into more and better opportunities for our countries,” concludes the Mexican president in his letter published this Thursday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will arrive this Thursday in Mexico, where he stays for two days. On the agenda sent to the media appears that the Canadian president will put an offering on the Altar of the Fatherland, visit the headquarters of the Red Cross and hold a meeting to discuss trade between the two countries before finding Peña Nieto in the Palacio del Government or Mexican.

This Friday Trudeau will give a speech before the Mexican Senate before returning to Ottawa.

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