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Kingston and its Thousand Islands

Things to do in Kingston

If we have come here is to enjoy the scenery that offers us the National Park of the Thousand Islands, although we will not enter the interior of the park, so we have decided to follow the current tourists and embark on an hour and a half cruise to take us to know the lake area. There is only one cruise company and it offers three types of cruises.

Discovery Cruise

This is the most economical, the price is $28. The route, as we have advanced, is an hour and a half, during the journey there is a narrative that explains a little the history of the area and the points that are going through with the boat (the audio guide is available in Castilian, as well as in another large number of languages). The walk is nice although the truth is that we found it a bit expensive for its duration.. The boat is curious but make sure to queue the first to guarantee you a seat on the top which is from where best view you can have, There are daily departures at several different hours.

Dinner and Show Cruise

This is a more recreational cruise, as the boat is the type Bateau Mouche, like the one that crosses the Seine in Paris, and offers a dinner and show as you enter the waters of the Thousand islands, certainly a much more romantic tour and , in all lights, with less data we assume. The price is $80 CAN approximately and in principle it is only done during the weekend, although we went on a Monday and yes it also went out, perhaps in summer time are made daily outings.

Wolfe Island

This is the jewel of the crown of Kingston, at least that’s what we consider. It is the place where tourists do not go, but locals, although tourists miss something magical. The first thing to say is that we will go on a free Ferry, which covers the route from Kingston to Wolfe Island, and that is highly crowded mainly by tourism, seriously, a lot of traffic between these two islands. The timetables are very frequent, you only have to go first to the tourist information office in Kingston and they will give you a booklet with all this information, in addition to all the points of interest of the city and its immediate vicinity.
It is important that you know several things about Wolfe island that can make your visit as remarkable as it seemed to us. Keep in mind that you are not going to find Starbucks or Tims Hortons, or McDonald’s, just the typical American vintage seaside town cafes, which has its charm. Riding on that ferry is like riding on a time machine.

We went at 7 pm so when we arrived we found a kind of ghost town, the closed information office and our HERE map did not give too much data, perhaps that is the charm of discovering for yourself the corners that will mark the Difference, in case you have no patience we will tell you. Although you have to know that there is a beach somewhere on this island, as we were going to paw we were not able to get there, but there are several marked routes to do on bikes that are very good looking.

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