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Moving to Canada – How do I do?

Canada is a large, young country, full of both temporary business and a lifetime residence opportunities. Its characteristics make it a multicultural country, kind to strangers and tolerant; Ideal to think of it as migration destination and to collaborate with your effort and your work in the great Canadian communication.

We are going to give you a series of recommendations that may be useful to you if you think about traveling and establishing yourself some way in Canada:

Choose what type of Canada you want

Canada is many Canada in one. Each area has its own peculiarities.

At first he thinks that although he is bilingual there is a mainly Francophone zone and another mainly anglophone one; Which of the two will you feel more comfortable with?
Canada has large cities but also large rural areas Do you prefer to be urbanite or enjoy the charm of a small town?
And if we talk about employment the mining and oil industry is to the west, the service sector and automobile manufacturing in Ontario, Quebec manufacturing premium and is in Toronto where the marketing, financial and banking companies are concentrated.

Personal Introspection: what is your profile.

Define what you like, what are your qualities, find out why you are good and why not so good, what kind of work you would find comfortable working and in which not. But also what you could adapt and fit. Canada is a nation with a low population density and requires workers in many different sectors and qualifications. Surely having clear your valuables and your profile you can find an offer that ties with some need in Canada.

Search for jobs according to your abilities

The positions in the job offers are often open and imprecise, almost never ever going to be accurate, as we told you in the previous point, companies and institutions in Canada focus on finding people who fit their profile according to the skills. Be flexible, learn to read between the lines, be willing to adapt and learn and make your best face look.

Get good training

Diplomas, specialization courses and postgraduate courses open many doors. A large percentage of the Canadian population has one or more university degrees and if you are aspiring to positions with a certain professional qualification, you will find yourself with a solid competence.

Choose: Quebec or the rest of Canada.

Finally, when you have a clear definition of the above, to travel to Canada there are two main routes: the Canadian federal process, through Express Entry, and the particular process of the Government of the province of Quebec, which marks an independent and distinct migration policy Than the rest of the country. It is important to know the particularities of each option and find which is best suited to your circumstances.

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