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More than 1,750,000 new Canadians in 10 years

This week, during an event to announce the entry into force of new changes to Canada’s Citizenship Act, the Immigration minister said the goal is for all immigrants to become citizens at some point.

According to the figures presented by the Ministry of Immigration, that objective is being achieved to some extent.

The Federal government has revealed that over the past 10 years more than 1,750,000 immigrants have sworn in as Canadian citizens.

This was done at a time when Canada was preparing to celebrate the “Citizenship Week”, with events all over the country.

As of this year 2017, the official figures reveal that more than 70,000 people have made the oath to become Canadian citizens and only in the next week is expected that some 4,000 more will join “The Great Canadian Family”.

“During Citizenship week, I invite everyone to engage and inspire others to celebrate our common values, our achievements and our pride as Canadians,” said Immigration minister Ahmed Hussen in a statement.

This is a great time to remark what it means to be Canadian and what it means to be part of the Canadian family.

Canadian citizenship, in addition, celebrate in this 2017 its 70 anniversary. The figure may surprise many, for it was not until the year 1947 when the Canadian citizenship of British nationality that Canadians had up to that time was separated as part of the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom.

To celebrate this date, special swearing ceremonies will be held from one end to the other of the country. The Federal government also invites those who are citizens to participate “reaffirming” their allegiance to Canada.

A total of 49 ceremonies will be held. This will be in line with the new entry into force of the rules in order to apply for Canadian citizenship.

The Government of Justin Trudeau introduced several changes to “facilitate” immigrants obtaining citizenship. This mainly focuses on reducing the residency time requirement as well as other measures.

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