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The polar bears’ capital city is located in Canada

Located in Manitoba, Churchill is famous because its main interest and source of wealth is due to the wild fauna of the place. Churchill’s local authorities, with the development of naturalistic tourism, have named their city as the Polar Bears’ World Capital.

This is because in Churchill polar bears are at their widest, and since the beginning of October each year, groups of these bears arrive in the vicinity of Hudson Bay coinciding with the freezing of the surface of the lake. When its waters freeze and are passable, the bears are approached by Churchill to hunt their favorite food: the ocellated seals, which also populate the area.

Thus, it is very easy to spot the polar bears in the surrounding areas of the locality, and not only that, it is not uncommon for some specimens to enter the streets of the locality.

Carnivorous animals, between 350 and 680 kilos, or adult males that if exceptionally large can approach a ton of weight, are not precisely something that can be overlooked in a city. Visitors are thus given precise instructions on how to react when they are in the presence of one of these planets.

The city has traps for bears (non-fatal traps) to trap as far as possible to the animals that go to the city, and when they are caught they are moved to a center from which they are returned to areas where they are not dangerous … in a very elegant way: by a comfortable ride hung from a helicopter.

The city, as we said, lives mainly on nature tourism. Tourists do not visit it for its pleasant temperature, between 12ºC in summer and freezing temperatures -27ºC in winter; Visit Churchill mainly during sighting season of its more than 1,200 polar bears, in addition to the presence of about 3000 beluga whales, countless ocellated seals, about 200 species of birds and sighting of wonderful aurora borealis from August to September.

Visitors can rent the well-known Thundra Buggy vehicles for sightings and photographic safaris on organized excursions. And you can also enjoy the chilly nights in the ice fields at the Thundra Lodge, special motorized caravans with all the amenities on wheels.

Finally there is an extremely curious fact: in Churchill vehicles are not normally closed, for two reasons: one, so that anyone can protect himself inside the attack of a bear. And two, because Churchill has no road connection with the rest of the world …

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