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Quebec wants more immigrant entrepreneurs to settle out of Montreal

Part of the objectives of the Quebec Immigration ministry has been, for years, to promote the decentralization of Montreal as a favorite point for new residents.
This Friday, the provincial government announced a new initiative of promotion to attract the young immigrants and with entrepreneurial spirit, to settle in the different regions of Quebec.

This project, with an investment of more than $400,000 for the next two years, will be done in conjunction with the Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (RJCCQ) and will focus on a series of commercial missions to inform and attract entrepreneurs Immigrants to develop commercial projects throughout the province.

Immigrants have very strong entrepreneurial skills,” said Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil. “The Entreprendre project in the region will allow the new residents, who have a business fiber, to be in contact with the actors of the medium that facilitate the launching of new business Projects.

A total of 10 commercial missions will be made in the 10 regions of the province, as it is normally divided. These meetings will be about information about several topics: the launching of companies and the role of the mentors, the purchase of existing companies and the creation of networks between the potential entrepreneurs and the administrative and economic organisms of each one of the regions .

The project will also include an awareness campaign to enhance the role of young immigrant entrepreneurs and the contribution they may have in the development of the regions of Quebec.

Do not hesitate, immigrant entrepreneurs are a formidable source of socioeconomic development for the regions,” said in a statement Monsef Derraji, president of RJCCQ. “In addition to their contribution to Quebec’s economic growth, they also represent an important vector of exchange with international markets.

For more information about these initiatives, you can enter the page of the RJCCQ

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