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Temperature over 0 º C this Saturday in Montreal

The extreme cold withdrew from the south of Quebec to give way to a more pleasant climate, even though we are in the middle of winter.

Already this Friday there was a difference in terms of temperatures, but this Saturday, the thermometer will be around 3 º C, although the sensation will be 2 º C. Although the feeling will remain negative, this is much more enjoyable than those recently lived in La Belle Province, especially the days that came down from -30 º C.

According to the forecasts of the Weather Network, Saturday will be, however, rain, with a possibility of hail or frozen rain. However, so far, no warning has been issued.

Sunday will be rather snow, but the pleasant temperature remains, with the thermometer marking 1 º C and feeling around -3 º C.

Upcoming Storm

You have to enjoy the pleasant climate of the weekend, because, according to the forecasts of the same agency, an important system will affect the province from Monday to Wednesday.

The models this Friday indicate that the storm will be considerable, as it leaves between 15 and 30 cm of snow.

In its report, the Weather Network explains that there is still no clarity as to the amount of snow the storm will leave, but that, given the temperatures, it may leave about 15 cm of snow throughout the region.

“It is also necessary to monitor the possibility that rainfall in the form of frozen rain, from Montreal to Gatineau,” the report warns.

It should be noted that after the “soft” weekend, in terms of temperatures, from Monday will return the intense cold – not extreme-, with the thermometer close to 10 º C, but the sensation around -15 º C.

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