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The 3 most famous national parks in Canada

Traveling to Canada can be one of the best experiences of your life. You knew that most of the most spectacular natural scenarios in the world are in this country, even many of its national parks have been used to film movies, for example, Vancouver Island Beach is famous for being part of the movie Twilight.

Whether for its spectacular glacial lakes, sandy beaches, rocky shores or lush forests, Canada has it all in a national park system. Therefore, we recommend traveling to Canada, it is a destination that gathers variety of landscapes is one place, you will never get bored!

Banff National Park

BANFF National Park is the oldest in Canada, with more than 6,600 square kilometers of extension, and between its limits it contains some of the most amazing places ever seen.
It is the first National Park of Canada and was discovered in 1888 by 3 railway workers. It is located 80 kilometers west of Calgary and is currently one of the most recommended destinations for travelers around the world. It is open to the public all year, the best time to visit it is in autumn, when the trees begin to change their appearance.

In winter, skiing is practiced, even the 3 main stations are located in this park. Lake Louise Ski Area, Sunshine Village and Mount Norquay combine to provide the right terrain for the descent. The ski season extends from November to May.


It is true that Canada is special for the beauty of its landscapes, but this corner is one of the most spectacular. His postcards seem to have been retouched by Photoshop or out of a painting, and everyone who visits this floor is amazed.
BANFF National Park is located in the province of Alberta, in the Rocky Mountain region, and was declared National Park in the year 1885. At first I only had a small area that included caves from where high quality thermal waters emanated. Within it, is settled the homonymous city, population established in times when the railway network of the famous Canadian Pacific Railway was built and according to legend, its workers were the ones who discovered the thermal waters.\

In this area are chained lakes such as the Louise, Lake Peyto, the moraine, or the Bow, which are impressive mirrors of water by its coloration. But also, they complement the view formations like the majestic canyon modeled by Brooks like the Johnston.
The park is located about two hours from Calgary and there is the Icefields Parkway that connects Banff with the National Park Jasper and Yoho, which is a scenic route considered among the most spectacular to tour in Canada and is worth enjoying.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

It stands out for its lush jungle and great mountains. It is one of the most visited natural attractions in Canada. Its beaches attract countless surfers and fans of marine life. Also known as the Pacific Basin in Spanish, it is located in British Columbia and is divided into three areas: Long Beach, the broken Group Islands and the West Coast Trail. The park is open from mid March to mid-October.


The park is formed three regions: Long Beach, Broken Group Islands and West Coast trails. In total, the attraction comprises an area of more than 500 km2, including land and sea. Long Beach is the most visited region and also the most affordable of the three. Inclusive, it is considered the best surfing point in Canada.

The Broken Group Islands are formed by more than a hundred small island in the Barkley Strait, so access can only be accomplished by boat. The West Coast trails, as the name already implies, comprises 75 kilometers of trails on the west coast of Vancouver Island, from Port Renfrew to Bamfield.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

88% of the park is covered by forest. One of the best moments to visit this park is in summer and fall. Hiking is great from May to November, when the ground is generally snow-free. Some people prefer to go hiking in the fall as there are no flies and their autumn nature is spectacular.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park is famous throughout the country for its breathtaking mountain scenery that blends with the colors of the ocean. On a walk through this site you can find cannons that have been sculpted through the centuries by rivers, which then come to plateaus full of forests and are in turn surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

This park covers about 950 kilometers of wildlife and by it passes the famous Cabot Road, which is a scenic highway that takes you through the most beautiful points to see of the whole park. The road reaches the Gulf of St. Lawrence in its westernmost part, while the eastern shores are much softer and have bays and caves.

Also in all this extension, of which you can also traverse pieces along the marked trails, you can see a little more than two hundred species of birds and mammals, some aquatic ones that are easily visible from the shores; and including some that are on the road to extinction. If you want to enjoy all the landscapes with different types of light, I recommend camping, so you can enjoy the night sky and the beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

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