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The World needs more Canada

The World needs more Canada

, said former president Barack Obama during his historic speech in the Canadian Parliament. Now a report demonstrates, in part, why this phrase can be quite relevant.

The Good country Index is a ranking with a simple idea: to measure the contribution of each country of the world to the “common good” of humanity and the weight that its decisions have on a global level.

In this list, Canada was among the most prominent posts. Specifically, the nation appears in the 14th place of the 163 that includes the list created by the good Country, an organism that seeks to remark the importance of promoting global policies for the good of all humanity.

The list was built with a number of United Nations indicators, as well as other international bodies, which measure countries’s contribution to problems of global magnitude, without leaving aside the interests of their respective communities.

Among the categories analyzed is, for example, the contribution in science and technology, peace, the promotion of equality and the contribution to the fight against climate change, among others.

The Netherlands was in the first place of the list, which is dominated by several European countries, in particular the Nordics.

In the case of Canada, he stressed in the categories of health and welfare (position 8), as well as in his contribution to the world order (position 11). By comparison, the United States, as a first power, was barely at the 25th position of the list.

Among the Latin American countries, Chile was in the best position (35), followed by Costa Rica (39), Uruguay (49) and Guatemala (66).

Here the top 20 of the “good countries“:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Switzerland
  3. Denmark
  4. Finland
  5. Germany
  6. Sweden
  7. Ireland
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Austria
  10. Norway
  11. France
  12. Hungary
  13. Belgium
  14. Canada
  15. Singapore

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