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Travelling to Canada – What to see?

Canada is the perfect country to enjoy an extraordinary nature full of lakes, mountains and magnificent natural parks. The Niagara Falls, the stately Quebec city, the cosmopolitan Vancouver and the chic Toronto offer the cultural offerings and a vibrant nightlife.


East Coast

Canada is also an excellent destination for travelling as a couple or with a group of friends, one of the best destinations for family travel. The east coast, for example, offers cosmopolitan cities such as Toronto, cultural as Ottawa or historic as the walled Quebec that combine perfectly with the nature offered by Niagara Falls.

The forests of the Charlevoix region are simply spectacular in the autumn, and there is no need to miss the majestic San Lorenzo River, in whose estuary we will be able to sight whales (from May to October), or the tranquility and beauty of the Algonquin Provincial Park. Who has not dreamt of staying in a log cabin, in the midst of a lush forest and on the shores of a lake? Eastern Canada is one of the places where this dream can become a reality.

West Coast

The majesty of the Rocky Mountains will welcome us in the West, when we enter in its valleys, full of turquoise blue lakes, spectacular glaciers like the Columbia or the Victoria and where we find excellent hotels, such as the Fairmont chain, some Truly special accommodations located in some of the most beautiful landscapes of America. We finally expect Vancouver, a charming city, main gate for Alaska Cruises and natural access to Vancouver Island where you will find the British city of Victoria and parks as beautiful as they are hidden on the west coast of the island.

It is especially in the west where our possibilities of wildlife sighting are shot: from the magnificent grizzly bear, elk and wolves in the Rockies to the great variety of whales that we can find on their shores during their migratory routes to Alaska From the South Pacific. Canada also offers us the possibility of doing some of the most attractive activities we can imagine: gentle canoeing, exciting adventures of rafting, horseback riding, going in search of orcas aboard Zodiac boats, the possibility to enjoy the sensations and beauty of the “Aurora Borealis” and many more, they will turn Canada into one of their favorite destinations. A destination with attractions for each of its visitors and a natural beauty available to all.


In the Arctic we run into the tundra that offers more than 900 plants of different species. The vegetation decreases as we approach the North Pole. One of the greatest riches in the country is forests. From the Yukon territory and the Labrador Peninsula, the so-called “taiga” extends, while between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic there is a forest region composed of hardwood and softwood trees. In the Pacific coastal zone, thanks to the humidity, a lush vegetation formed by conifers emerges.


Among the animals that make up the Canadian fauna we can point out, in the north, species such as musk, reindeer, polar bears, foxes, wolves and Arctic weasels. Between the provinces of Nova Scotia and Yukon One can see the self, while the caribou is in the forests of the north; The White-tailed deer and the buffalo of the woods in the southeast and the bison, sadly, only in the national parks. Mountain Goats, mountain caribous and grizzly bears often inhabit the mountains.

We can also find thousands of migratory birds that cross the skies, among which the Canadian geese and wild geese are distinguished. If your trip coincides with the season it is “almost obligatory” to enjoy the spectacle that constitutes the observation of great cetaceans. During the summer you can see the white whales that come to the bays of Newfoundland, Hudson or the shores of British Columbia, while in spring, the gray whales roam the west Coast when emigrating from Mexico to Alaska.

Sports and activities

Nature lovers can choose between multiple activities. You can climb mountains, make marches, tour the numerous provincial and national parks, or enjoy the most attractive activities in the snow. The possibilities offered by the “white sport” are inexhaustible: from the simple excursions on foot, through the rides in sleds or motorcycles to the cross-country skiing.

The most popular is ski slopes, especially in the mountains of the provinces of Quebec, Laurentia, Alberta and British Columbia. Those who want to play outdoor sports will find that Canada is the ideal place. Among the most popular activities we can find canoeing, fishing, rafting, canoeing, scuba diving and horseback riding.

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