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Trudeau urges trust in the immigration system

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada talked to Canadian citizens to keep their trust on the Canadian immigration system, even thousands of alien citizens seek asylum and continue to come into the country.

Trudeau speak to reporters last Sunday, said none of those coming across the United Stated border would receive any advantages in their desire to come to Canada, worrying Canadian and will be refugees different than “border hoppers” that will be require to go through all the regular security checks and immigration department evaluations.
On the first two weeks of August, more than 3,800 persons walked through the border into the province of Quebec compared to the number of 3,000 that did the same thing on last July 2017.

Haitian citizens represent the most number of aliens crossing the border on August 2017, driven by a change in U.S. Immigration policy that many fear in mass deportations. Canada’s government canceled the temporary policy of deporting Haitians, that was setup because of the 2010 earthquake, many Haitians were sent back to their country, said the Prime Minister Trudeau.

We are ensuring that our border services, that the RCMP, civil society that support groups at different levels of government are all working together to ensure that Canadians can be confident in the integrity of our borders, in the strength and rigour of our immigration system, Prime Minister Trudeau said.

Prime Minister of Canada: Justin Trudeau

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