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UNHCR’s Statement on Venezuela

A document from the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) in relation to Venezuela is generating all kinds of reactions in a country hit by a hard economic and humanitarian crisis.

However, the document that appeared on the agency’s website is also generating some confusion and opens the door to misunderstandings.

This takes on an important interest, taking into account that Canada is among the destinations that have chosen thousands of Venezuelans looking for a better life.

Here we try to clarify what is said and what does not say the three-page document, under the name “Guidance note on the flow of Venezuelans“, and published last Friday on the UNHCR page.

It says:

  • UNHCR invites all countries to take into account the Venezuelan reality and the number of immigrants coming out of the South American country and “allow them access to their territory and to continue to adopt appropriate and pragmatic responses oriented to the Protection and based on existing good practices in the region. “
  • The document points out that states that have seen the flow of Venezuelan immigrants should adjust their asylum systems to consider giving these citizens options. “This could, for example, include various forms of international protection, including under international human rights law, and temporary protection or stay agreements, or alternatively visas or labor migration mechanisms that may Provide access to legal residency and standard treatment similar to international protection.”
  • Given the current situation in Venezuela, UNHCR calls on countries to take measures not to deport, expel or force immigrants to return to Venezuela.
  • The statement issued by the Agency invites the countries that signed the Cartagena declaration of 1984 to apply the concept of refugee to Venezuelan immigrants, in order to assure them of access to an asylum system, which takes into account the reality of The South American nation. It should be remarked that this document was signed between the countries of Central America and Mexico against the conflicts that the region lived, and its application in the beginning was limited to the Latin American countries.
  • UNHCR also offers support to all countries and also calls for measures to be taken to combat racism, discrimination and xenophobia that can be faced by this wave of Venezuelan immigrants.

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