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What to see in Niagara Falls

These waterfalls are a natural border between the United States and Canada. Just a few hundred meters separate both shores and while Canadians, or those who chose Canada to see the falls, enjoy spectacular views.

It turns out that from the Canadian side the views are panoramic, there is a kind of walk that runs all the falls, there are 3, although the most spectacular is the Horseshoe. And while you can splash something, since the strength of the water is tremendous and in combination with the wind makes the ride awesome, especially on a day as hot as it is in July and August, make it very enjoyable. From Table Rock Centre (which you can access by funicular from the city without having to take a huge turn down Murray Street) You can access several attractions that will make your visit even more spectacular.

Views from United States

The views from the neighboring country are more of physical contact, since the water falls from its side, but the Horseshoe waterfall is left to a complicated view, so they have to choose to see it from above, without being able to have a panoramic view, or to take the excursion in boat which that it is a must-do activity.

Niagara Parks

They are responsible for ensuring the maintenance of cataracts and all associated space. The headquarters of Niagara Parks is the Table Rock Centre, and that is where you must go in the first instance to find out all the activities that you can do related to the falls and its surroundings. There is a pass that gives you access to all these activities, and it is convenient to buy in case you are interested in several of them, since it is a significant savings. Among them there are several highlights:

Journey behind the falls (or walk after the falls)

Under the Table Centre Rock There are a number of tunnels that allow you to reach the most hidden and, of course, inaccessible part of Niagara Falls. By a lattice of tunnels you will open step to the foot of the Horseshoe waterfall, do not worry about the raincoat, they will give you one, but you better put it because it is safe to get wet.

Whirlpool Aero Car

This shuttle that has fulfilled just a few days ago 100 years is an invention of the Spanish Leonardo Torres Quevedo.
It surprises by how old it is, by the system used to cross the river, and by the unusual beauty of this strange apparatus of the beginning of the last century. Worth not so much for their views, that also, although the falls are not appreciated since it is located on the outskirts of Niagara, about 5 km., although not disappoint by the environment in which they placed it, still appreciates the force of the waterfalls in the waters of the river , and also allows us to see the prey. And if you do the activity in the afternoon, close at 8 PM, you can still glimpse a bit of the orange sunset, which here looks spectacular.

Cruise to see Niagara Falls

Although more to see we should say feel … Hornblower Niagara Cruises is the one who is in charge of the “ultimate experience” as they would say here to see Niagara Falls. A cruise leaves every 15 minutes and the last one is at 9 pm so you have all day to enjoy this activity.  The price is not bad, 20 CAN $ per person (we expected more expensive) and while the 15 minutes were passed in a heartbeat, it is an unforgettable experience and that is a must do if you are here.
The boat has two floors, also give you a raincoat (here you are going to get wet, especially if you want to feel them in first person). If you have pool glasses, bring them and use them, at some moments travelers has to be with the eyes closed. Make sure you don’t wear make-up, that day or your make-up is waterproof!

Niagara City

It is true that it seems a place of the past, where Elvis or Marilyn is still very nostalgic, where the world of the tourism industry has not yet fainted, and still proposing plans of those that one thought were of the 80. This is all true. But we assure you that it is a fun place to spend the evening after having enjoyed the wonderful natural environment.

Skylon Tower

In addition to that there is a restaurant on top of the tower where they offer you a buffet with breathtaking views, you can also opt not to go to the restaurant but access the observation point 360 degrees that this tower located at the Murray St. and just a few hundred yards from Cataracts.
The Skylon Tower gives you the possibility to get a different view of Niagara Falls, one almost bird’s eye view. It is, of course, another activity that we recommend more strongly since it is a different view than you have already had on the foot of the waterfall, or on the water, now also from the air.

Clifton Hill Fun

This is the entertainment area, with capital letters. Here you can find all the attractions that occur to you to have a fun time with family, or to go back a little to the childhood so that two adults enjoy themselves like children. Among all the activities, places and establishments that one has available here, the most memorable is the Ferris wheel.

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