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What to see in Toronto in a day and how

The City Pass

The City Pass is a pass, as the name indicates, which brings together 5 attractions in the same purchase, thereby saving you money. The 5 visits that are included are going to be explained to you as you visit Toronto with us, at our pace and in the order in which we have done it, but we already tell you in advance that they are the CN Tower, the Toronto Aquarium, House Loma, the Royal Ontario Museum and the fifth is to choose between the Toronto Zoo or the Museum of Science.

CN Tower of Toronto

The price of this attraction is 35 CAN $. With the entrance you have the possibility of acquiring with a 50% discount a ticket for the Skypod (for 6 CAN $) that will take you to the highest floor that can be reached in the Tower. If you do not want to raise more money – totally understandable – you will have to settle for the two levels of views that you enter with the general admission pass, at 346 and 342 meters high, it is said soon but this tower is higher than the Petronas Towers , because example.

The views of the city are undoubtedly spectacular … at some point we have been told that you can get to see up to 160 km … you see the whole city perfectly, the many buildings that compose it but also the beautiful spectacle of nature, which so far only We have been able to intuit, tomorrow we will come out of doubt and finally know why everyone is in love with Canada. The view you get from Lake Ontario is amazing and it looks like a sea instead of a spectacular lake.

Ripley’s Aquarium Toronto

This is the second attraction that includes the City Pass that we recommend to visit, basically because it is right next to the previous one. It is an aquarium very oriented to the family visits, to the education of the Children on the marine world and the creatures that inhabit it. It must be said that without being a great aquarium, neither has these pretensions, have been able to set the ride on a conveyor belt by the underground tunnel covered with water with their sharks, of many species can be said, their turtles and manta rays. The children get excited, and even some are frightened to see them approaching the sharks directly with their teeth.

Casa Loma

Now is when we use our day pass on the subway, and we go to the Dupont stop on the same line 1 to get to the hill where this magnificent house was built, which is actually a castle. To highlight two points of this visit, because we as Europeans castles have seen many and are actually old and “real”, the importance of this visit is by the views of the city that we can get from one of the towers, the Norman, and because it is a place of interest for cinematography fans, since here have been filmed many films like X-Men, Chicago or Cocktail.

We could also say that it is interesting historically, since the mansion was built in the early twentieth century by the eccentric millionaire Pellatt who wanted to build a house that emulated the Balmoral Castle of Scotland, what he did not sensed is that expenses, imagine the cost of this House of almost 100 rooms only in heating, would ruin him, leaving him only about 15 years of enjoyment of his house Loma, so called, in Spanish, by the same Pellatt given that the house was built on a hillock or hill.

Royal Ontario Museum

The same metro stop, also line 1, the name of the museum is the one that leaves you nearer, almost see the museum just leave the station, recognize it right away because it is a quite original building, all glazed and with a very … cubist. Inside you will find a generic museum of three floors (the fourth is dedicated to exhibitions and not included in the pass), dedicated to the cultures of the world, animal biodiversity, and the world of prehistory. It is a museum that is also focused on learning from the smallest so it is a highly recommended visit if you are travelling with children. Although the not so small will also have fun if they have a spirit of child, especially with the interactions with the T-Rex.

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